JC Expedition UnpluggedJ.C. enjoys life and the people he meets in it. Outgoing since he was a child people are drawn to him as an easy person to talk with. A model and actor in his early 20s he moved on to own 5 business’s. He enjoys all kinds of different hobbies. As a young child his father got him into skiing, flying airplanes and scuba diving. At nine years old he had his open water certification for diving. Currently he works as a ski instructor, life coach and remains an accomplished pilot. If it has a motor, if it goes fast, floats and has beautiful lines he will probably know how to play with it! Always laughing and having fun his practical jokes backfiring are often a part of that fun. It might also be good to know that he loves to travel and has done a fair amount of it.


BJ Expedition UnpluggedGrowing up in Colorado skiing on both water and snow was an amazing experience. I have ridden Snow mobiles the deepest snow and up the highest peaks, ridden dirt bikes and Mountain Bikes all over Colorado, Moab, Utah and the Slickrock area. Winter Park Resort is where he learned to ski and volunteer for the National Sports Center for the Disabled for 10 years. He taught developmentally disabled kids from Children’s Hospital every Saturday. With a long term relationship ending, he decided to unplug. Now he is selling pretty much everything he owns including his house before embarking upon this trip of a lifetime. He’ll figure things out when he returns in 8 months.


Greg Expedition UnpluggedTraveling by motorcycle allows Greg to combine his love of adventure, travel, photography and nature. After receiving his engineering degree, Greg moved to Austin, Texas to raise his family. His plan was to retire early so he could travel the world with his wife. But life has a way of interfering with our plans. In 2007, Greg’s wife Cassandra was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, a truly devastating disease. Nothing mattered as much as giving his wife the care she deserved during her six year battle with this horrible disease. Cassandra passed away in October, 2013. After so many years of sadness, grief and confinement, Greg had to find a new way forward. He needed to be reminded that there is beauty and happiness in the world. He needed to life for today, because tomorrow may never come. With few responsibilities and no desire to return to the corporate grind, he realized he had the freedom to pursue his dream of traveling. Greg realized his had found his new plan; Buy a motorcycle and travel the world. Now he is driven to visit the places few people get to see, camp under the stars, explore new cultures, and develop new relationships as he rides towards whatever the future holds.


? Expedition Unplugged


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