Epic Electric Motorcycle Reality Show – Motorbike Writer

by Motorbike Writer

Three men and a woman will ride from the tip of Alaska to the bottom of South America on custom-built electric motorcycles to film a reality TV series.

It’s called Expedition Unplugged and will be produced and directed by Robert Colbourne of Diamond Head Films in Vancouver.

Despite a BMW R 1200 GS being featured on their brochure, they will ride KTM 950 Adventures which have been customised with an AC motor, regenerative recharging and a 20K battery pack with an additional 5K battery for long days.

KTM 950 Adventure Electric motorcycle adventure

“Many electric motorcycles are built on 250 chassis or smaller,” they say in their spiel.

“This is too bad because it means that the bikes are under powered and lack battery life to get any real distance. Most of them are doing good to get over 100 miles (160km) on one charge. We simply wanted more than what the industry was providing.”

They say their custom electric bikes will provide more than 300 miles (480km) on a single charge as well as having the capability to run all road conditions.

Their ride will take them more than 40,000km, through 15 countries from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in June, arriving in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, in January.

“This eight-month trip will follow a colourful group of characters as they put themselves and their prototype machines to the ultimate test of endurance in some of the world’s most exciting, beautiful and dangerous locations,” they say.

“The journey will take the viewer on an epic adventure while showcasing existing green technology and exploring others along the way in order to illustrate the possibilities of alternative energy in real-world applications.”

We look forward to the TV series and hope it makes it to Australia or, at least, a DVD release.


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